• 30 minutes from the port
    • 5 minutes from Dinan
    • 25 mins from Beaches


Directions from St. Malo

From the terminal exit roundabout take the signs to 'Barrage de la Rance' this will lead you out of town onto the right roads. At the outskirts of the town just past a large roundabout near some shopping centres you will come to the main road. Here you have two choices.

The scenic route. If you want a slower but more interesting route, stay on the road you are on, go under the main road follow the signs to the 'Barrage de la Rance' again. The road continues to be a fast dual carriage way for about three miles until you reach the barrage itself. This is a dam over the Rance with a hydroelectric power station below it. Follow the road over the dam and up the hill the other side. Pass through a set of traffic lights and keep an eye out for the turning to Dinan (left) at the first big junction and flyover about a mile further on.

Keep on this road and pass through some small villages, following the Dinan signs until you are on the N176. (See From the N176 below)

The fast route. If you want to get there and explore another day, then at the main road take the signs to Dinan. This will take you right off the road, past the aquarium and onto the bypass. Follow this for about five miles until you see the sign to Dinan (N176). This junction is confusing so be careful. Once on the N176 follow it over the bridge and on for another few miles. (See From the N176 below)

From the N176

Stay on the main road for a few miles passing the Dinan turnings. You will see Dinan on the left as you approach it. The turning you need is just as you think you're going to pass Dinan and is sign posted Plancoet. At the top of the slip road turn right and continue down here for about a mile. The turning you want is third on the left, sign posted Aucaleuc - there is a farm machinery shop near the corner.

A mile later you will reach Aucaleuc, past the newly build collage and (modern) village hall and then you reach the cross roads near the church. Go strait over watching out for the speed bump - it is sign posted La Denilais, but you can see the sign until you're passed it. Out of the village you go up and down the hill passing a small stone cross on the left.

Slow down. The turning to the farm yard is about quarter of a mile past the cross on the left. Turn in between some buildings past two houses on the left and then turn right at the farmyard (see the detailed map). The cottage is on the left with steps up to the front door. You can park outside.

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